Dram Apothecary Bitters & Pine Syrup


Dram Apothecary Bitters & Pine Syrup

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"Hair of the Dog" Hangover Tonic
Handcrafted using a unique blend of herbs known to ease the ailments caused by the overindulgence of a good time.
Warm and woody with flavors of ginger, fennel, citrus and a touch of wintergreen to finish. We've designed these to have a flavor profile reminiscent of the bitters used in all the classic cocktails, but these are all natural! Great With: Whiskey, Bourbon, Tea, or straight in Soda water. These are the bitters you want to buy for the Old-Fashioned and Manhattan lover in your life.

Black Bitters
A shadowy and robust blend of all herbs Black. Deeply layered with bright notes of black cardamom, black tea, sweet black currants, earthy black walnut and a spicy black pepper finish. Great With: Wonderful paired with gin, vodka, bourbon and whiskey, add depth to you daily tea ritual or enjoy with sparkling water.
*This blend contains black walnut hulls and may cause irritation to those with nut allergies.

Pine Syrup
A sweet and savory take on simple syrup with notes of pine and rosemary. A fantastic addition to a Manhattan. Also deliciously refreshing in sparkling water.

All products made in Silver Plume, Colorado.

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