El Casco M-10LN Stapler

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El Casco M-10LN Stapler


6.4 x 5.7 x 2.4 inches, Black with 23k Gold Accents

Quality of each beautifully made piece is unparalleled
Flawless mirror finish is achieved by repeated polishings
El Casco pieces are coveted by the most demanding collectors
An impressive gift for friends or associates
Each piece is assembled by hand

El Casco was founded in Eibar, Spain, back in 1920 when two gentlemen named Juan set out to make fine revolvers. Somehow, somewhere, things got lost in translation and today El Casco ("The Helmet") designs and manufactures the world's finest desk accessories. Truth be told, when the Depression of 1929 diminished the market for impressive pistols, El Casco began to diversify their offerings by adding well-crafted stationary articles to their arsenal.

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